AfB is the European largest nonprofit IT company and refurbisher that gives the second chance to used hardware fulfilling their environmental and social mission
"Used hardware creates jobs" – is a slogan of social enterprise AfB established in Germany, which currently operates in five European countries, including Slovakia.
AfB combines environmental and social mission. They refurbish used computers collected from companies while giving jobs for people with health disabilities.
Currently, the AfB cooperates with approximately 1000 local partners from whom it has collected appr. 472 000 pieces of used hardware per year. After the certified erasure of stored data, cleaning, testing, refurbishment, and installation of new operation SW, HW is offered for further use. AfB offers refurbished computers for retail, mostly through e-shop; where individuals may buy a refurbished computer with a standard warranty.
AfB provides high-quality IT services and products, while all working procedures are designed barrier-free and employees with and without disabilities work together side by side. The company offers excellent opportunities for the training of people with disabilities in order to empower them to lead independent and self-determined lives.
AfB convinces its customers and other stakeholders with a business model that values diversity, social responsibility, and commitment to the environment. AfB holds a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher certificate.

Resources needed

AfB Slovakia gives jobs to 14 employees. As a registered social enterprise, AfB can apply for job subsidies distributed under active labor market policy compensating employers with disability salaries. Income from the sale in 2019 was 193 200€-covering costs and payment of equity capital 110 000 €.

Evidence of success

More than 500 jobs have been created in the countries of AfB operation since the company was established in 2004 in Germany. 45% of employees are disabled. In the long run, the company intends to create 500 jobs for disabled people. In December 2020, AfB won the National German Sustainability Award 2021 Values of sustainability, responsibility, and justice are performed over its all branches, including the one established in Slovakia in 2019, which in 2020 was employing 11 disabled people.

Difficulties encountered

Local laws extremely influence the employment of disabled people. In Slovakia, the state provides compensatory allowances for wages, without which the business would not be profitable. Challenge was to find the right people for each job position and adapt the workload to their abilities and skills.

Potential for learning or transfer

AfB intends to create 500 jobs for people with disabilities. Beyond that, the company wants to raise awareness in society for a successful "Social Entrepreneurship" and strengthen sustainable management methods. AfB is a great example of an inclusive company successfully combining social and economic goals in its everyday practice. AfB demonstrates that also people with disabilities are able to deliver full productivity once the conditions and work environment are adopted and supportive to their specific needs. AfB is partnering with more than 1000 companies supporting the AfB concept and learning from their approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
Main institution
AfB Slovakia s.r.o.
Západné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)
Start Date
January 2019
End Date


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