Community culture event "Let’s celebrate the rivers".
Community culture event “Let’s celebrate the rivers” is being organized in collaboration with Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022. The event is rich with larger scale culture and artistic performances. The community based festival was already organized twice, and involved city local communities and activists. Kayaking and exchange among communities were key aspects, it is expected to expand the culture program with the components of the practice with floatable concerts, open-air cinema sessions, walks, excursions, and workshops for local people identifying up to 4 local spots on the riversides of Nemunas, Neris, and Nevėžis rivers until 2022.

Resources needed

1 curator and 3 full time coordinators working with communities and activists.

Evidence of success

The community involvement in some neighbourhoods along the rivers is the outgoing; The method used in Kaunas is very effective – storytelling, workshops with the community on various topics related with their personal experience and place; The use of the riverbanks as exposition area is transferable.

Potential for learning or transfer

High level of the community involvement, community empowerment; Very close relationship with nature; Local peoples attachment to their neighbourhood and communities; sustainable activities and capacity building program.
Main institution
Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Start Date
June 2021
End Date


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