is a community of health-tech innovators & stakeholders determined to co-create the Healthcare of tomorrow. was established in 2014 by Technology Park Ljubljana in collaboration with Xlab, Better (Marand), and Mesi. Its initial aim was a yearly conference for entrepreneurs where they could showcase their solutions and speak about the benefits of healthcare digitization to the stakeholders. The community grew through the years. In 2018 we formalized a ThinkThank (healthcare experts and entrepreneurs) and designed the business support programme for SMEs innovating in digital health. In 2020 we achived the initial goal to successfully implement 5 digital solutions into the national healthcare scheme. We began a fruitful relationship with National Institute of Health & Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia and the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, garnering a fair amount of good will.

The success showed that is addressing the following gaps:
1. Existing startup programmes are not helpful enough for the healthcare related innovations.
2. There is no formalized group/platform to promote and raise awareness on the available digital solutions for healthcare.
3. The success of innovation introduction into the healthcare system depends on the acceptance by doctors & nurses, who are not aware of the benefits.
4. Entrepreneurs need more information on healthcare system navigation will continue with supporting innovation, digitally empowering healthcare and serve as the agent of digitization and transformation.

Resources needed

Between 100.000-150.000 €/year, 2 full FTEs
The main source of the funding are projects co-funded by the EU (ERDF) and they cover up to 90% of the costs (or would be costs), while 10% is made by offering services on the market.

Evidence of success

10 startups helped (2019-2020),
20 workshops/webinars organized per year (2018-2020)
1500 newsletter subscribers,
60 innovative solutions identified and characterized,
Partnerships with Roche Slovenija, Sava Insurance company, Triglav Insurance company, Educell Ltd, Parsek Ltd,

Difficulties encountered

One of our challenges was to establish credibility and trust with the stakeholders in health sector. We achived this by engaging, learning their way of work and their needs. We have to develop a strategic internacionalization plan of the services and help foreign SMEs to soft-land in Slovenia.

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice hasn’t been transferred as of yet, but it serves as a good example on how to develop a bottom-up approach to start accelerating a systemic change. A region should be able to implement such a practice if they serve as a one-stop-shop for healthcare innovation, encompassing not only the private sector but the medical community as well. Their recognition is paramount in achieving valuable impact.

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Main institution
Tehnoloski park Ljubljana d.o.o.
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
October 2014
End Date


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