The UNITARY ACCESS platform allows companies to relate to the public administration through a single access instead of the four existing ones.
The UNITARY ACCESS aims at improving and simplifying the relationship between the business world and the Public Administration (PA) by providing a platform allowing companies to relate to the PA through a single access instead of the four existing ones (new SUAPER, SiedER, SIS and AIA); it unifies the building, environmental and seismic functions to the single contact point (SUAP) functions.
The regional PA challenge was to increase the offer of services to businesses by ensuring fully interoperable services, simplifying and facilitating access through a new platform for the e-submission of applications.

How does it work? The service makes available to the local PA, that adopts it, a set of procedures codified and certified, and allows customization to each public and third parties according to specific needs and regulations.
1. Login to the platform by a public digital identity’s authentication system (SPID);
2. choose the intermediation;
3. search personal data and directory;
4 compile practice: fill-out necessary forms to stay in compliance with local regulations relating to the environment, productive and residential construction, commerce, tourism, health and maritime state property;
5. attach doc files;
6. make payments;
7. Signed digitally and sending the single form.

The competitiveness of the SMEs can significantly increase thanks to easier and quick digital access related admin bureaucratic practices for business.

Resources needed

Investment about 1 Mil. EUR.
Management about 150K EUR per year.

Evidence of success

More than 95% of local authorities endorsed this platform up today (314 out of 330).
About 100.000 practices handled per year.

Difficulties encountered

• merging different existing platforms;
• coordinate Region and local authorities to define univocal functions to implement and integrate;
• provide integration with third parties.

Potential for learning or transfer

Unitary Access platform technical specifications for integration and interoperability.
Procedures for accessing the Unitary Access test environment
Video tutorials:
• compilation and presentation of practices for companies, professionals and intermediaries
• Back office and administration functions for institutions

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Main institution
Emilia-Romagna region
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
December 2018
End Date


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