Network composed of charging stations for electric vehicles located in spaces of public access.
- Unlike the fuel stations, electric stations to recharge the battery of an electric vehicle it is not something easily accessible in spaces of public access.

- MOBI.E was created to ensure that the electric vehicles users have the chance to recharge their vehicles in a public environment, so they can charge them while working, lunching or doing some other activity. MOBI.E consists in a network composed by 600 charge stations spreaded around Portugal, initially the charge had no costs, but a tariff is now being tested. In the website we can consult in real time the availability of a charge station or if there is one near our location. There are available three types of charge station: 1) normal (3,7 kWh, 6-8 hours for 100% of the battery capacity); 2) semi-fast (22 kWh, 1 hour for 80% of the battery capacity) and 3) fast (20-30 minutes for 80% of the battery capacity). Some goals of this good practice are: 1) attract private investors; 2) promote the expansion of electric mobility in Portugal. The MOBI.E network are now expanding and looking to enter in the free market.

- The main beneficiaries are the electric vehicles drivers.

Resources needed

Initiative partially private funded, the financial resources needed are not public.

Evidence of success

Since 2010 (at the present date - 19/04/2018):
- 4,19 GWh consumed;
- 511.131 charges;
- 621 charge stations used;
- 2.771 ton CO2 avoided;
- 5300 clients in the network.

Difficulties encountered

Lack of investment and maintenance during Portuguese financial crisis.

Potential for learning or transfer

The charge stations are very useful to every country that has a good number of electric vehicles and it can also foster the usage of electric vehicles.
Main institution
Lisboa, Portugal
Start Date
January 2009
End Date


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