ČEVAK a.s. is the company dealing with operating the water industry infrastructure. The company is experienced in responsible activities in various CSR fields.
Social field:
- Historical Water tower - environmental education and other events for schools and public.
- Excursions in waterworks, WWTPs – education for schools and public.
- Interactive educational program (+ competition) for schools about waste water treatment.
- Humanitarian project for construction of wells and repairs of pumps in the African Congo.
- Contributions to culture, sport and community life in the region.
Human resources management:
- Employees advantages (Collective Contract).
- Support of employees collective activities (sports, social events).
- Company visions and values defined, employees involved in the process.
- Education of employees – co-operation with company psychologist, programs for individual employees development.
- Company journal addressed to employees - sharing information, spreading and support of company culture.
- Fair, friendly and stabile work environment with space for the creative and meaningful co-operation.
Environmental field:
- Integrated management system (system of quality, environmental and occupational safety management) - assure the consequent environment protection, safety and health protection.
- Biological waste water treatment, chemical only if necessary.
Economic field:
- Simple, user friendly customer application, still possible personal contact with an expert.
- Professional and honest service.
- Cooperation with business partners above the scope of contracts - supports community life.

Resources needed

Financial resources not specified. Importance of the involvement of company human resources.

Evidence of success

This is the example of the responsible behaviour of the business company towards its environment, without particular measurable results. Generally, the results of the responsible behaviour of the company may be characterized by the following facts:
- Gradual growth of the number of the partner towns /municipalities (also the number of customers),
- Stabile supplier- customer relationships,
- Low extent of fluctuation of company′s employees, particularly in the professional positions.

Difficulties encountered

Low unemployment, lack of qualified labour forces, particularly in the technical branches, lack of the labour forces for the work positions with the low qualifications.
Solution: Stabile, professional and fair work environment (see above).

Potential for learning or transfer

The stated principles of responsibility towards surroundings may be used also in other companies, not only in the region of activity, but also in the wider territorial context.
Main institution
ČEVAK a.s.
Jihozápad, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
October 2010
End Date


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