Design & implementation of educational programs, exhibitions, seminars & entertainment events by the AMP, to attract new children's audiences
The AMP is a state museum. With the goal of implementing a systematic communication strategy that primarily aims at extroversion, the museum set as a priority the design of new educational programs for both school groups & families with children, the organization of periodical exhibitions on subjects from ancient & contemporary culture, lectures, seminars & entertainment events. Some actions:
►Sunday at the Museum: A family educational activity that takes place 1 Sunday/month (except July-August). The action includes storytelling inspired by Museum exhibits, discovery games, role playing & hidden treasure, visual activities etc. For this action, 35 new educational programs were designed & implemented.
►Holidays in the Museum: Holidays at the Museum is a July Summer Camp, which includes a 5-day educational action that combines learning with play & visual expression. Children discover ancient Greek culture.
►Night at the Museum: A unique experience aiming at the appropriation & emotional connection of children with the museum place.
►Club of little archaeologists: It Is an innovative annual educational program. It concerns the creation of a group of 20 children that have 9monthly meetings aiming at participation in creative activities & games on exhibits of the museum as well as acquaintance with aspects of ancient Greek civilization. It is worth mentioning that the program of the Club is not implemented in any other public museum (archaeological or other) of the country

Resources needed

Concerning the sources of funding needed for the specific educational actions, are as follows:
1. Expenditures from the budget of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Achaia (by the Public Accountancy).
2. Sponsorship (possible by companies and, individuals).

Evidence of success

The recognized success of "Sunday at the Museum" led to the creation of "Club of little archaeologists". Uptoday, the participation has been counted:
►Sunday at the Museum: From Dec’14 - Dec’17 participated in the action 2450 people (children & parents).
►Holidays in the Museum: During the 3-year period ‘15-‘17, 100 children were involved, while 15 new educational programs were designed.
►Club of little archaeologists: 60 children with the respective number of the couple of their parents.

Difficulties encountered

- Securing funding for new educational actions
- Securing the participation of local children/families
- Spreading the word about the museum’s new services

Potential for learning or transfer

This particular practice is easily transferable to other regions/ countries, with the necessary adjustments of educational programs to each museum’s specific exhibits and/or objects on display.
As in this case, a comprehensive communication strategy is central for the effective planning and implementation of such activities, and for their success (i.e. through wide participation).
Lack of available resources for such educational initiatives in other museums may limit transferability of this practice.

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Main institution
“Ministry of Culture and Sports” Ephorate of Antiquities of Achaia - Archaeological Museum of Patras (AMP)
Δυτική Ελλάδα, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
December 2014
End Date


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