On 30 November, the town of Plœmeur organized, in collaboration with ALOEN, a day on the theme of energy-saving. Several activities were planned to raise awareness among young and old alike!

A day linked to the Cit'Ergie actions

In 2020, the commune of Plœmeur received the Cit'Ergie label.

"This has the advantage of bringing coherence to the various projects carried out by the community and structuring our sustainable development approach," explains Ronan Loas, Mayor of Plœmeur.

Energy is at the heart of our daily lives, in our food, our housing, our mode of transport... but how can we make it concrete? And how can we contribute to this energy transition?

ALOEN and the city of Ploemeur wanted to emphasize the playful and educational side of eco-actions and energy savings through various activities: electric bike, climate fresco, concert-show, escape-game, scientific experiments, thermo-façade conference, citizen energy stand...

How to track down heat leaks in the house?

At the beginning of the afternoon, François Billon, energy advisor at ALOEN, gave an overview of the thermo-façade operation:

"Last February, we took 438 pictures of 111 houses in the Rue des Pins area with a thermal camera. In the images, the different colours show thermal bridges and insulation defects. Thanks to this process, the invisible becomes visible and we can offer homeowners assistance with renovation work.”

An energy-generating bicycle...

Yvan Maurel, also an energy advisor at ALOEN, suggested that visitors pedal to produce electricity thanks to the electric bicycle!"For 30 seconds we measure the energy produced and we note the results and explain them. For example, to cook a chicken in the oven for 1 hour, you would have to pedal for 25 hours and to take a 5-minute shower you would have to cycle for 15 hours!”

And still other energetic animations!

A "Climate Fresco" team was present to lead this collaborative game, in the form of a "quiz", which allows the notion of climate change, its causes and consequences to be addressed in a few minutes.

For their part, the Petits Débrouillards proposed scientific experiments to help children understand and discover what energy is. For the youngest, there was also the Zürbl show, combining music, games, drawing and video projection on the theme of climate change. Written by the "studio fantôme collective" and co-produced by Brest Métropole and Ener'gence (local energy agency for the Brest region).

In the same playful spirit, ALOEN hosted an escape-game "Les éco-cambrioleurs" (burglars for the climate) on the notions of energy saving. The pitch: Several homes have been "visited" in Ploemeur, but nothing disappears, on the contrary, tips are left ... For 45 minutes, dive into the shoes of an eco-burglar and help Ploemeurois to reduce their environmental