ALOEN will contribute to improving Lorient Agglomération's Territorial Climate Air and Energy Plan, and particularly 2 of its 9 orientations:

● Orientation 6: Develop renewable energies

● Orientation 7: Save resources.

Action 1 "Initiate a reuse channel for waste from the building sector" is the result of a study visit and exchanges with ESS - Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden on a platform for reusing building materials based in Hovmantorp. The main objective on the territory of Lorient Agglomeration is to create a construction material reuse chain. So as to prepare the territory and the actors involved, within the POTEnT project timeframe, two actions will be implemented :

· Study the feasibility of creating a platform for the reuse of construction materials. The dimensions of the platform (in terms of tonnage of materials), the possible locations, economic and legal models based on feedback from platforms operating elsewhere in France will be defined by the feasibility study.

· An inter-professional network of actors involved in a dynamic of reuse of construction materials on the territory of Lorient Agglomeration will be created as an essential action for the creation of a re-use channel.

Action 2 “Develop citizen participation in the renewable energy projects of the municipalities and the agglomeration” is the result of exchanges of experience with POTEnT Swedish, Italian, Spanish and German partners.

3 sub-actions will be implemented:

· Development of two photovoltaic projects for the communes: the aim is to develop the production of renewable electricity based on the energy community model. ALOEN aims to involve the municipalities that own the buildings (elected officials and technicians), the citizens (allowing them to invest via the citizen company OnCIMè), and to involve the users of the buildings to control energy demand. The ownership of the installations will be shared between the municipality and the citizen company, as well as the profits.

· Development of a wood energy project: the municipality of a small town asked the Local Public Society to carry out its heating network project with a wood-fired boiler room. The aim is to heat the town hall, a school, a home for dependent elderly people and a collective housing building. It is intended to involve citizens in the construction and financing of the project. To do so, developing a stronger cooperation between the citizen society, the municipality and the local public society will be necessary.

· Setting up awareness of renewable energy projects with citizen participation: ALOEN is going to inform and develop the skills of the elected representatives and technicians of all the communes of Lorient Agglomeration in the field of citizen participation, in order to give the decision-makers and the "doers" the desire and the capacities. The objective is to be able to massively increase the number of renewable energy projects with citizen participation. ALOEN will propose online and face-to-face sessions for the elected representatives and technicians, and raise awareness among the territory's inhabitants through a broad communication