The POTEnT RAP will contribute to the improvement of the corporate strategy by aligning the political decision-making with transformation processes towards an energy supply that is both, more intensively oriented towards local energy resources and the sustainable reduction of energy consumption even more strongly in cooperation with local players and the population. SWE also expect this to lead to greater acceptance of local energy transition measures, new impulses for the development of improvements to the regional ecosystem and valuable findings from the pilot action.


The three key actions have been identified for implementation by Stadt and Stadtwerke Ettlingen in collaboration with their local stakeholders.

1. Municipal Heat Plan

The city of Ettlingen will develop its Municipal Heat Plan until end of 2023. SWE, as the local provider of energy and especially district heat and heating services, will play a decisive role in implementing this plan. A Target Scenario for a carbon-free heat sector by 2050 (at the latest) will be developed, together with of an overall strategic plan and specific individual measures to achieve these targets. The overall scheme will also include intermediate targets in order to monitor and evaluate the implementation success. The Municipal Heat Plan will, together with other components of the Integrated City Development Concept (ISEK), serve as a guideline for the urban development and the climate protection scheme of Ettlingen, while at the same time it sets the frame for the heating services to be proposed by the utility as the implementing organisation.

2. E-mobility in Ettlingen and the Karlsruhe district

In the context of e-mobility, dialogue is initiated with all stakeholders involved to know their vision on how the Mobility transition from individual diesel and petrol cars to more public transport and biking, E-carsharing can be accelerated, how the E-Mobility-service portfolio of SWE should look like and to know better their learning needs. Special attention is paid on the services which SWE will provide in the future. They are currently drafted and will be presented on the website before the end of 2022. A business plan with different options will be developed and examined both internally and by the city of Ettlingen.

3. Renewable District Heating (DH) for the “Musikerviertel”

The goal of this action is to create a carbon neutral heat supply for the “Musikerviertel” district of Ettlingen by providing heat from renewable energy sources to public and residential buildings via a district heating (DH) system. The heating station and local heating network have already been put into operation. The heat is generated from solar thermal collectors, a wood pellet boiler and a biogas peak boiler. Further activities include the development and implementation of a strategy for attracting more residents/customers to connect to the system and (at the same time) improve the energy efficiency of their property (e.g. building insulation, windows…), the electricity generation and the transfer of knowledge and lessons learnt to other city districts, as part of the Municipal Heat Plan (Action 1).