After 3 years of interregional learning through POTEnT, the Municipality of Parma launched its Regional Action Plan (RAP) in May 2022: the actions of the plan cover 3 activity fields which have been studied through study visits and workshops in the framework of the project POTEnT. One of these concerns action 3 of the Parma RAP - development of a feasibility study of the first energy community of Parma -.

On Thursday 9 March the Municipal Council of Parma approves the Feasibility Study of the First Energy Community of Parma. The plant (mainly photovoltaic panels) will be located at the Albertelli-Newton comprehensive school, renovated in 2021 as part of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) of Parma. This first energy community will act as a pilot project to test a model to further include children in the energy transition by showing the concrete benefits of a collective self-consumption setup. In this way, traditional teaching will be complemented by teaching oriented towards the environment and energy sustainability.

The buildings included in this plan where chosen through different criteria: proximity to the PV plant, energy poverty needs, and essential services for the neighborhood involving all age groups and public residential buildings. The buildings that are part of the feasibility study are: a) School Albertelli-Newton (main plant), b)Turtle Nursery, c) Pavese Library, d) Nursery Mappamondo, e) Social houses. The energy community will subsequently be open to new additions of both public and private members.

The plant will have a potential of 224 kWp, capable of producing approximately 246 400 kWh annually. In this way, annual emissions of over 90 tons of CO2 would be avoided. The 60% of the energy produced will be consumed locally while the 40% will be shared with public and private buildings.

Here is revealed a new POTEnTial for Energy Transition in Parma!