Pamplona City Council opened the first Energy Information Office on Wednesday, 01 March. The aim is to set up an advice point for the public on issues relating to energy communities, renewable energies, energy refurbishment, subsidies and grants for renewable energy installations and refurbishment, as well as energy bills.

The Energy Information Office is located in the Environmental Education Museum. Appointments are required, which can be obtained by calling or by telematic means through Pamplona City Council’s Electronic Headquarters.

This will be the first of a network of energy information offices that Pamplona City Council intends to set up over the next few years in different districts of the city, as one of the two main actions of its POTEnT Action Plan. This network, together with other instruments such as the energy communities (second action of the Action Plan), which are already being set up in neighbourhoods such as Mendillorri and Rochapea, are key to achieving the objective of positive energy neighbourhoods and thus meeting the targets set out in Pamplona’s Energy Transition and Climate Change Strategy.

With this office, Pamplona City Council aims to fulfil its role as a promoter of the energy transition, being an agent that generates activity around energy projects; energy rehabilitation, mobility, photovoltaic, and thermal renewable installations, both in the public sphere and in energy communities, and encouraging private investment.

This first Energy Information Office is located in Rochapea, a neighbourhood where an H2020 project oPEN Lab is being implemented, with the ultimate goal to advance towards an Energy Positive Neighbourhood.