Energy Transition can be driven by local authorities? This was the big question behind POTEnT, and according to what happened in Paris apparently the answer is yes!

Attended by more than 50 participants, POTEnT final conference was held in Paris, hosted in the Maison de la Bretagne Premises, on the 20th of April. The event has been the perfect closing for POTEnT, a day to look back to 4 years of interregional cooperation, reflect on the current state of energy transition and on the role of local authorities, and showcase good practices and existing projects.

The conference was opened by André Crocq, Regional Councillor for Brittany Climate, transitions and biodiversity, and Bruno Paris, President of ALOEN who, starting from the assumption that it’s time to talk of energy sobriety, reflected on the role of public authorities (Municipalities and Energy Agencies) to mobilize citizens and the private sector.

Nicolas Singer, representing Interreg Europe Secretariat, highlighted the success of projects the 2014-2020 programming period in terms of practical outcomes, but also in mobilising funds.

During the day, high level speakers from the partner regions and beyond discussed and brought their experiences on energy: fossil diplomacy at EU level, local energy production, energy communities, hydrogen strategy, carbon neutral territories are only few examples of the different topics touched during the day.

This event closed POTEnT lifetime, but not the legacy and the cooperation among territories: it's been quite a journey, but the 8 partners are committed to drive energy transition for the benefit of citizens.