The Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP) presented POWERTY project and some relevant to the local circumstances good practices in the online seminar event: Turning green and/or staying warm? Addressing climate neutrality and energy poverty in Bulgaria, that it was co-created with the support of the American University in Bulgaria.

The webinar addressed the energy poverty issue in Bulgaria and shared POWERTY experience. It also provided a discussion on which policy and/or investment measures are considered necessary for Bulgaria to meet the climate neutral target by 2050. It also addressed how we can attenuate the negative socioeconomic effects of green energy shift and progressive decommissioning of the country’s coal mines and coal-power plants in view of the increased energy prices for private consumers and the high rates of energy poverty in the country.

The seminar also provided valuable feedback on national-level resources to be used to support individuals and regions that are most affected and which policies should be prioritized in this respect and how to better involve the Bulgarian government in fostering green transition.