The regional government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía) has prepared and published in BOJA nº 221 of November 16, 2020, the First Comprehensive Strategic Plan for the Elderly of Andalusia, endowed with an investment of 145 million euros. This plan aims to organize the set of public policies aimed at promoting the well-being of the elderly from a comprehensive, preventive and sustainable perspective. Taking into account that energy poverty is a problem that affects a high segment of the elderly group, the Andalusian Energy Agency has participated in the work of preparing the plan, as well as in its execution to alleviate energy poverty. Specifically, within the preparatory work for this plan, the Andalusian Energy Agency has prepared the document "Diagnosis on energy poverty in the Andalusian group of elderly people", which, among other aspects, has allowed us to visualize how energy poverty causes serious health problems in the elderly, as well as other problematic situations such as the increased risk of fire, due to the precarious and obsolete devices used to heat homes.

In the execution of this comprehensive plan, until 2023, the Andalusian Energy Agency is responsible for one of the programs of the plan, called “Reduction of energy poverty in the elderly group”, in which all the knowledge will be used generated in the POWERTY project, in particular, the best practices at European level that have been identified.

Link to the First Comprehensive Strategic Plan for the Elderly of Andalusia (in Spanish):