During the bilateral meeting, the partners continued the learning process focus on the good practices identifed by AURA-EE in Lyon which are interested for VIPA and AEA. The Agenda of this meeting was focus on:

  • Case of study nº 1: AURA-EE pilot action "Setting up an ESCO contract model between energy communities and vulnerable households located in rural and urban areas".
  • Case of study nº 2: Saving certificates (access to the good practice) and focus on AEELA project as an example (access to the good practice) .
  • Case of study nº 3: Habiter Mieux Serenite (access to the good practice).
  • Case of study nº 4: Production of renewable energies throug collective investments of citizens in Voiron: Le preau des Colibris (access to the good practice).

  • Case of study nº 5: Local Energy Loop in Grenoble.

  • Case of study nº 6: Collective PV self-consumption in commercials in Grenoble.

To know more about the good practices identified in POWERTY project, the good practice guide is available in our LIBRARY.