On February 22 the online conference "Energy Poverty: Ten years of visibility and action". The conference commemorated the tenth anniversary of this association's first study on energy poverty in Spain, which shows some of the efforts that have been made in this decade in terms of research, as well as actions on the ground by different entities involved in all of Spain.

Ángel Sáez, from the dept. of Internationalization, Innovation and Singular Projects of the Andalusian Energy Agency, presented the POWERTY project and the main measures that are being carried out to combat energy poverty through renewable energies. In particular, a pilot experience was presented that is being developed within the framework of the project for the start-up of an energy community in the Torreblanca neighborhood (Seville). This energy community is one of the first in all of Spain to be fully developed in a vulnerable environment with a high rate of energy poverty, and it is being carried out in collaboration with the Torreblanca Ilumina association in Seville.