On November 30, 2021, the EAP organized the fourth stakeholders group meeting taking place as part of the hybrid event "XIV National Conference of the Association of the Bulgarian Energy Agencies - Smart cities and regions in action" (29-30/11/2021).

During the two days event a dedicated panel focused on energy poverty (30/11/21) and engaged different POWERTY stakeholders in presenting different practices. The event was held physically, however it was also broadcasted through Zoom, enabling the participation of various stakeholders. A total of 32 people attended the event physically and nearly 70 participants online.

During the event Petar Kisyov from the Energy Agency - Plovdiv presented detailed information about the innovative pilot actions within the POWERTY project, which aim to implement and demonstrate a hybrid photovoltaic installation with energy storage system, as a possible solution for end users to alleviate energy poverty through novel RES technologies. During the presentation Kisyov emphasized the RES solutions as a good practice for overcoming energy poverty, highlighting the POWERTY experience.