On June 20th, the University of Aveiro in collaboration with the inter-municipal community of Coimbra, will organize the last regional stakeholders meeting of the first phase of the PriMaaS project.

The main theme of the meeting will focus on studying the best way to create and manage MaaS bundles truly effective from the point of view of behavioural change. Authorities and ICT sector operators will be invited to enhance ideal mobility bundles in the Centro region (Aveiro and Coimbra). The aim is to bring together the various stakeholders and reach a platform of understanding on the future deployment of a true regional MaaS system with positive effects on city accessibility, carbon footprint reduction and economic sustainability.

Before this meeting runs the regional meeting of the CISMOB project.

You can check the agenda of the event here and register here

Online session:

You can attend and participate in the meeting via the following link