The 3rd Regional Stakeholders Meeting of stakeholders from Timisoara, Romania, took place  on 26th February 2021 on the online platform Webex Meet,

The meeting started at 10:00 and ended at 12:00. Stakeholders were invited to participate in free discussions, trying to find the best solutions for our city. The list of guests consisted of professionals from different fields of activity, namely:

  • Krisztian Cseh, Mihai Balint, Vlad Vesa - Open Transport application developers;
  • Mihai Niculescu, Mihaela Jugaru, Viviana Odrobot - PrimaaS project representatives;
  • Mihaela Zele, Doriana Ciosici, Luana Vasile - representatives of Timisoara City Hall;
  • Vesna Struta, Cristian Diceanu, Sandu Cezar - representatives of transport and traffic safety office, Timisoara City Hall;
  • Ciucas Florentin - representative of the Timisoara Metropolitan Transport Company;
  • Adrian Sarb, Florin Baca - representatives of the Timisoara Public Transport Company

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss new ways to improve the services offered through public transport applications. The developers of the Open Transport application presented the stage of implementation of the application, the way in which it works and what information, in real time, it provides regarding the means of public transport.The way in which the information provided can be improved and the way in which the collaboration with the respective competent institutions of the transport company can improve the access to information was debated.