The Lead Partner team of the PriMaaS Project organized a special session at the EWGT 2021 Conference – Euro Working Group on Transportation Meeting – a conference organized with the aim to discuss the integration of Mobility as a Service in smart cities.

Besides gathering several research teams that presented the latest developments on MaaS implementation, the PriMaaS project team presented the latest advances on the construction of the Project Baseline Assessment Report, namely the development of a new multidimensional indicator.

With the proposed multidimensional indicator the PriMaaS partners intend to improve the way stakeholders and users can assess technological performance and the societal contributions of the MaaS systems through a set of tangible indicators. The content and presentation of the paper that counted with the active participation of PP4, PP5 and LP and the contribution of all partners in the data collection can be found in the website library, which you can access through the following link: