The PriMaaS partners are pleased to announce that the first publication is now available. 


The concept of MaaS has been described as a new way of managing urban and regional Mobility and facilitating the reduction of dependence on the individual vehicle. MaaS systems have been characterized through a single indicator so far, just providing information about the services available to the users or the level of technology used. However, to facilitate the comparison between various platforms by the potential users and facilitate the discussion between stakeholders, it is essential to provide a broader set of measures to evaluate each platform. In this work, we propose a multidimensional system based on three dimensions (coverage, functionality, and sustainability) based on pairs of indicators (geographical coverage and multimodality level; services and technology; contribution to social cohesion and the environment). The analysis of a dozen of mobility services in several European countries confirmed the notion that the MaaS is still in the preliminary development phase, and there is still a considerable margin of progress given the effective penetration in the market of large-scale systems, with advanced integration levels and effective demonstration of societal impacts.

Download the publication here.