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Mobility as a service (MaaS) is a newly emerging concept that is mainly focused on user mobility needs. MaaS is expected to reshape the way people travel and improve future urban mobility. However, research shows that there is neither a consensus on an unequivocal MaaS definition nor a universal best way to evaluate and compare MaaS schemes. Thus, given the large differences between MaaS packages, this research provides new insights into what is offered in a variety of MaaS platforms with special concerns related to functionalities and information types, customisation, and possible integration of specific societal goals. For that purpose, various European MaaS providers/platforms were explored under the PriMaaS partnership, composed of heterogeneous regions. Data were aggregated and analysed applying cross-tabulation and clustering techniques. The proposed approach led to relevant factors, such as Payment, Customisation, and Trip Planning. Relationships between platform characteristics and societal goals suggest these can be used as a conceptual foundation. Our study provides a baseline for establishing a conceptual framework to develop sustainable MaaS indicators, which would help citizens using MaaS more efficiently and support MaaS providers and operators in developing sustainable business models.

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