Mobility as a service and integrating mobility services into digital platforms is a trend that is progressively taking place in several regions of Europe. Knowing that there are basic conditions still to be fulfilled in most of the regions of PriMaaS (e.g. wide range of diverse transport services, infrastructure, ICT and information integration, technology and collaboration between public and private organisations), the last stakeholder meetings of the PriMaaS project in Portugal aim is to bring together several actors of the regional mobility ecosystem to share their vision about

1) what could be a future regional MaaS

2) how the Bundles could be designed to be attractive and economically viable and reduce the use of the individual car.

So based on this top-down approach, we would like to get your feedback on the mobility bundles for the Aveiro and Coimbra regions here.



Please join us online or in person at the next stakeholder meeting! Register here