The Urban Mobility Days 2022 conference took place in Brno, Czech Republic, and this year’s theme was focused on “Moving people and goods more sustainably”, exploring and discussing challenges and solutions for sustainable urban mobility. The event gathered numerous participants including policymakers, local authorities, academics, transport planners, and operators. PriMaaS LP participated in the event and disseminated the Project vision and so-far achievements. A series of panel discussions, thematic sessions, and exhibitions were organised. Participants had the opportunity to understand and discuss current and envisioned future challenges for more sustainable and efficient mobility, tackling citizens' needs and climate goals. Many different approaches and visions were shared regarding, for instance:

• investments in smooth and micro-mobility and how to ensure inclusivity of shared mobility services;

• how can walking, cycling, and public transport be better integrated;

• how to ensure the safety of active road users;

• effectiveness of current SUMI's to depict all that needs to be evaluated regarding mobility;

• how urban air mobility may contribute to a resilient mobility system;

• integration of behavioural change in mobility management;

• key aspects to focus on for achieving-climate neutrality;

• importance of climate and carbon neutral cities concept;

• making better use of the existing infrastructure.