The mission of this conference is to discuss emerging trends, recent pilots and deployments, business and service models, experience so far, best practices, lessons learned, infrastructure requirements for MaaS, the perspective of public transport authorities (PTAs) and public transport operators (PTOs), data sharing and privacy, and the role of contactless payments in MaaS. The conference will also showcase noteworthy case studies and technological innovations.

The conference takes place in Amsterdam, (October 5-6, 2022) and brings together experts from leading transport authorities/agencies, transit operators, taxi fleet operators, ride-hailing and ride-sharing service providers, micro-mobility providers, ministries and government departments, solution providers, system integrators, fleet management software providers, technology platform suppliers, car-leasing and renting service providers, fare collection system suppliers, ticketing infrastructure providers, investors, consultants, ICT infrastructure providers, insurance companies, regulatory organisations, R&D institutes, and academic institutions. 

PriMaaS LP and stakeholders will share their perspectives, lessons from early projects and possible solutions. Session 6: Best Practices for MaaS: "PriMaaS multidimensional MaaS performance indicator, main barriers, and MaaS bundles design".

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