On the 28-29th of November 2022, the 3rd edition of the International Conference on Mobility as a Service, ICoMaas, took place in Tampere, Finland. Representing the Interreg Europe PrimaaS Project, the research fellow Sofia Suárez, from the University of Aveiro, attended the event and presented the study named “Designed and evaluation of MaaS subscription bundles”. The presentation addressed the conception of mobility packages for the partner regions of Aveiro, Coimbra, Erfurt, Stockholm, and Edinburgh, and their impacts on the travel behaviour of potential users and emissions.

During the event, expectations regarding post-pandemic MaaS systems and the role of automated vehicles, public transportation, and shared mobility in the MaaS development were raised. Also, it highlighted the importance of stakeholders’ collaboration when it comes to data sharing and data privacy. Overall, learnings from the evaluation of stated preference surveys and MaaS pilots indicated that citizens are willing to use MaaS services; therefore, the next step of the MaaS development consists of implementing services that focus on both urban and rural residents in order to satisfy their travel needs, and are still profitable for stakeholders.