The Secretary of State for Planning, José Gomes Mendes, and the Secretary of State for Mobility, Eduardo Pinheiro, will participate at 1st PriMaaS regional event in Coimbra.

Also noteworthy will be the participation of Rui Rui Camolino, President ITS Portugal, Isabelle Maës, Policy Officer, European Commission - DG Mobility and Transport (video), and Bernardo Campos,   Head of Urban Network unit of the management body of Regional Operational Program Center - CENTRO2020. 

From the perspective of regulation, the presence of  João Carvalho, Chairman of the Management Board of the Mobility and Transport Authority (AMT) and  Eduardo Feio, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT) confirm the exceptional quality of the attendees of the first PriMaaS regional event in the Region of Coimbra. 

We also highlight the presence of Jorge Alves, President of Coimbra's Municipal Transport Services, João Marrana, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metro Mondego, SA, Álvaro Seco, Associate Professor University of Coimbra, Afonso Pais de Sousa, Head of Engineering - SIEMENS Portugal and  the hosts Jorge Brito, 1st Executive Secretary of the CIM Coimbra Region and José Carlos Alexandrino, President of the CIM Coimbra Region.

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