Last January 21st, the first Italian Regional Stakeholders Meeting took place in Genova with the main objective of presenting the vision and the objectives of the PriMaaS project.

Following an initial presentation on the PriMaaS vision and objectives, the state of the art of ITS in Liguria Region was given with reference to the actions already carried out and those currently being implemented. During the event, different perspectives were offered by participants relating to experiences and real challenges in implementing MaaS schemes on the city’s grounds in real world living conditions.

All the stakeholders who attended the meeting contributed to the exchange of ideas related to the MaaS vision, shared experiences, lessons learned, challenges they have faced and/or are facing today.

Particularly, lively discussions occurred based on the findings and lessons learnt on MaaS deployment in the city of Turin and Piedmont Region, from the recently-finished H2020 IMOVE project as well as the current challenges in setting up a sound MaaS implementation strategy in the City of Bari.

To conclude the meeting, and based on these inputs, an open discussion was held among all and some points were launched for the next Italian stakeholder meeting in Italy, which will happen next semester.