The PriMaaS project 3rd Work Group Meeting was held on 24 April 2020 and had the presence and participation of all partners of the project. Given the current circumstances that the world is going through with the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting took place by video conference. The main objective of the meeting was to take a state of play of the implementation of the project, as well as to redefine some points that would not be feasible due to the limitations currently imposed. This way, from a distance, the partners sought together the best solutions and discussed alternatives to ensure that the project continues to run as smoothly as possible and to compress the proposed objectives. 



A brainstorming was also carried out with the aim of exchanging some ideas regarding the implications that this pandemic is having on mobility as well as future challenges and how they can be overcome. During the meeting all the partners had the opportunity to intervene to present the challenges they currently face in their respective regions with regard to mobility and with regard to the implementation of the project itself.