Project Events

Ecosystem services in territorial decision-making


Barcelona 23 March 2023 - Better integration of ecosystem services in...

Type: Project

Mapping of Green Infrastructure


Mapping of Green Infrastructure in the Eastern and Midland Region for the...

Type: Project

FINAL PROGRESS Project Meeting - Phase 1

13/06/2022 - 14/06/2022

Showcase of action plans, partner reflections and study visits outline this...

Type: Project

Improved landscape governance for sustainability


4th PROGRESS Interregional workshop - Improved landscape governance for economic...

Type: Project

PROGRESS at Ecosystem and Biodiversity Workshop


A workshop of the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Week

Type: Project

PROGRESS at Webinar: Social Impact of Research


Webinar - Societal Impact of Research in Ecology and the Environment

Type: Project

Local climate change adaptation and water


Local climate change adaptation and water retention opportunities through the...

Type: Project

Empowering wellbeing and health through nature


Virtual session at the European Week of Regions and Cities, 12 October 14:30hr...

Type: Project

PROGRESS at ENCORE Ireland Conference 2021

23/09/2021 - 24/09/2021

ENCORE is the European network for regional environmental ministers

Type: Project

PROGRESS at 3rd ESP Europe Conference


PROGRESS presented at a large European Conference on Ecosystem Service...

Type: Project