On 22 March PROGRESS partners and their stakeholders met on-line for the International Seminar #3 to propose Good Practices in our third temathic stream: Explore innovative financial and marketing mechanisms for payment for ecosystem services. The seminar is the start point for the selection of best good practices, PROGRESS 3rd Handbook, and the selected parctices for our ITW #3, workshop on-line, conducted by Craiova University on 25 May (see events section).

10 cases where presented from Latvia, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, Tuscany and Catalonia covering a variety of topics related to PES*:

  • Amonia as  Greenhouse Gas Emission in farms.
  • Pollination in Farmland
  • Natural Capital Accounting
  • Urban Bee Paths
  • Ecosystem Services Valuation in Protected Areas

    Would you like to suggest us any potential projects to invite to the PROGRESS workshop on PES* May 25th? Contact us via social networks or email.

  • RDP in Tuscany - Payments for agro-climatic-environmental commitments
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Community Supported Afforestation
  • Positive national taxation system for private forests
  • Water and forest conservation at watershed level

You can visit PROGRESS twitter account for some more details on these, or check the string with the hashtag #PESPROGRESS.

*PES = Payment for Ecosystem Services (yet another acronym in case you had not used it before!)

Top image: Protecting Farmland Pollinators, Whole farm pollinator score criteria, National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland.