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e-Newsletter #02


Newsletter about the second semester is online.

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How the COVID has influenced Reggio Emilia


Emilia-Romagna Region has been at the forefront of the outburst of the epidemic...

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Stakeholder meeting in Ghent


Due to COVID19, the second stakeholder meeting in Ghent was held online.

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Introduction video about PROSPERA is online!


The introduction video contains information about the project.

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PROSPERA Brochure #1 is online!


The translated versions of the brochure are in the folder in each project...

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Video-series about the heritage during the COVID-19.


The Nature Archive raises awareness of the natural values of the forest with its...

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Planning a sustainable growth for Väröbacka


The development of Väröbacka will look at the areas natural basis of growing...

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10th of May: Birds and Trees Day


10/05: Celebrating the Birds and Trees day can contribute to prevent the loss of...

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A new project management method due to the Covid-19


PROSPERA partners have started to organise online meetings to keep in touch with...

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Shopping at home


Shopping at home is an initiative in Reggio Emilia to help the elderly and...

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Survey: Reggio Emilia how is going?


The survey collects information about the various areas of the city and...

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PROSPERA launching event in Debrecen


PROSPERA launching event will be held in Debrecen. The conference will be open...

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