Interview with Panagiotis G. Rsolakidis about the Varberg Study visit experiences.

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Which are the most relevant and interesting aspects of visited GPs? What will you bring home from this visit?

"Hi, I am Panagiotis G. Tsolakidis, and I am the local project manager for the Municipality of Aristotelis and we are here to talk about the Varberg project visit we had in project PROSPERA.

Our policy makers seem to have a really good matchmaking with the Rural Village Development Strategy. The ambition of having the vibrant countryside with the sustainable development is something that is common with our stakeholders and our municipality.

The challenges that Varberg has dealt with are some of which we will face having in mind that our municipality is mostly comprised of small settlements and the small urban area. Those small settlements have different characteristics, and it is really important for an integrated identity in our villages, and through that strategy we could provide unique experiences in these villages to our visitors and in parallel achieve sustainable tourism development. If we want to protect and promote the national aspects of our region, we need to support the tourism sector and the local small, medium enterprises and the associations we engage in activities strongly linked to nature.

The Good practice that Varberg has shared with us seems to fit quite well with what our stakeholders embrace for the future of our municipality.

Furthermore, the feedback we received from our stakeholders also promoted the ARENA and EMC Good practice. Our stakeholders shared the common identity of Aristotelis, the great philosopher as a historic person attracts and sells interest that can further increase a thematic field regarding Aristoteli and philosophy. Under the umbrella of his heritage, there could be a holistic approach in our Municipality and in the region, most specifically the public-private partnership created for the EMC could also be implemented here, under the study of Aristotelian philosophy connecting the ideas served by the philosopher with nature and sustainability in tourism. Local authorities are already in this road and stakeholders earns the continuation of the efforts made in a sustainable and a holistic approach. Overall, it would be great to integrate this project’s measures in the Aristotelis’ Development Plan and why not to the Regional Operation Plan for the period 2021-2027."