Interview with Sabrina Campani about the Varberg study visit experiences.

You can watch the full interview on Youtube or in our Library.

Which is/are the most relevant and interesting practices you have visited and why? Which elements would it be interesting to implement also in your territory and why?

"My name is Sabrina Campani from the association „Coldiretti” of Reggio Emilia.

In my opinion, GRASSLANDS was the most interesting experience, both for its implementation in Varberg and for its feasibility also in Reggio Emilia province. I particularly appreciated the willingness to preserve, identify and evaluate local biodiversity. By classifying it and make it available for the citizens, Varberg managed, besides preserving biodiversity, also to enhance and make culture. The green areas in the peri-urban areas play a fundamental role as the pulsating lung of the cities and as a soft transition point between the urban and the rural contexts. In Reggio Emilia, the project can be well integrated with the ecological corridors along streams and waterways and with the buffer strips between the residential area and the cultivated area. The mapping and enhancement of both plant and animal biodiversity can give us an idea of the state of health and conservation of our specific local nature. I also consider Grasslands as highly usable places that make it easier for citizens to get in touch with nearby farms.

If I may add another comment, the ARENA experience was also very useful. I consider it wonderful and absolutely indispensable to have a reference point for the business world that supports planning towards new models of environmental sustainability and circular economy. It is necessary to trust in a real and effective ecological transition of productivity in the broad sense. I happen to see companies that invest in this direction without having a real overview, thus obtaining results that are lower than their potential. This experience would be of great help."