After all the study visits of the project had been held, Partners have reflected upon their learning experiences in the 5 PROSPERA Regional Learning Reports. The reports were designed as tools for partner Municipalities to capture:

  • What has been learnt about policy making for the peri-urban areas?
  • Which Good Practices could be transferred?
  • Which parts of the Good Practices are relevant to transfer?
  • How can we transfer them?

The final aim of this process was to provide input for the upcoming local action plans of the participating PROSPERA cities.

The PROSPERA knowledge exchange synthesis report, which includes also the complete collection of the 5 Regional Learning Reports produced by the Partners, is divided into two parts. The first part describes the structure of the 5 PROSPERA Learning Reports, explaining the rationale behind the various steps of the reporting procedure. The second part contains an overview of the main outcomes of the interregional learning process, as reported by the PROSPERA partners in their own Learning Report.

During the report preparing process, partners followed these 4 steps:

  1. Common Challenges – Identifying the common challenges among the PROSPERA partners
  2. Good Practice Assessment and Scan - Good Practices were presented and discussed in detail
  3. In-depth GP assessment - special attention was paid to questions related to transferring GPs from one context to another
  4. Synthesis – Graphical Synthesis of the assessment realized the partners, including some possible gaps which could be further addressed in the last months of phase 1.

The Regional knowledge exchange synthesis report made by Andrea Porcelluzzi (CRPA), Anna Verhoeve (ILVO) and Jeroen De Waegemaeker (ILVO) is available for downloading and reading in the PROSPERA project Library. 

Link: Regional knowledge exchange synthesis report