A Toolkit to support regional and interregional learning

‘Interreg EU projects are rooted in the idea that different cities and regions within the European Union can learn from one another. Multiple European cities and regions are confronted with similar challenges and each of them search for sustainable solutions. Some cities and regions have developed good practices: methodologies, projects and initiatives which make a difference at the local level. EU projects build on the hypothesis that sharing experiences with good practices in one context leads to “easier and faster” adaptation of those good practices in other contexts.

The path to interregional learning is, however, laden with pitfalls and problems such as the risk of getting lost in translation, or the lack of a mutual understanding of concepts. At the start of an interregional learning process, project partners have an idea of shared local challenges and shared ambitions, yet an in-depth understanding of the similarities and differences is often lacking. Proof of this statement are all situations where the question ‘Is this similar in your local context? Does this resonate?’ is answered by ‘similar but different’…

This report contains the practical tools and tips and tricks that were developed to enhance regional and interregional learning in the PROSPERA project. Although each project is different and requires tailor-made methodological support, we are convinced that the tools described in this report provide an inspiration to make interregional learning successful and fun.

The full toolkit created by ILVO, CRPA and E35 Foundation is now available for reading and downloading on the Library of the Interreg Europe PROSPERA website.