The 5th meeting of the Regional stakeholders group in the Ústí Region was targeted on One Stop Shop establishment (approved by the Regional Council of the Ústí Region). The Study visit to Birmingham focused on good practice transfer (Growth hub) has been presented and stakeholders will participate in the interviews with the Department of Industry and Enterprising Support.

Business Incubator Establishment

The discussion with stakeholders on possibilities to establish the business Incubator was held, based on experience gained in Study Visits in Thessaloniki and Birmingham. The similar programme is just ongoing in the Region, provided by the Innovation Centre. The private acceleration programme will be launched in the autumn (Node 5). The Region refers to support the development of shared infrastructures, especially the centre focused on „rapid protopying“ technologies.

Human resources development 

The support of educational system is crucial in the moment for the public sector and companies. Especially the cooperation of schools and firms in training and educational programmes development and arrangement of courses for students directly in the companies. Stakeholders discussed the possibilities of communication improvement and transfer of information by companies. The project team will monitor the O.S.S. in Florence and Barcelona and other project partner regions to transfer the appropriate approaches.