The 4th meeting of the Regional stakeholders group in the Ústí Region was targeted on the informing stakeholders on the project progress, the process of selected transfer of good practices focused on One Stop Shop establishment and operation, support on starting entrepreneurs in the region.

The main topic was the One Stop Shop model and the forms of cooperation of the Regional Office (represented by Department of Industry and Enterprising). The model will be used for better informing of entrepreneurs and will cover different areas of their activities. The improvement in providing of information is based on comments and data which are to be send by cooperating stakeholders and will be coordinated by the Regional Office. The agreements on cooperation with the key stakeholders will be prepared and signed.

The main issues to be tackled are: 

  • Support in administrational processes 
  • Innovations and research – responsible is Innovation Centre
  • Human resources
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Financing of companies
  • Informational services provided by the Regional Office

The transfer of the good practice from project partner City of Birmingham, UK, will be arranged. The application and utilisation of this model is in plan, problems are expected, it is also not possible to apply the model immediately, the process of application of the model will be divided in separated steps. The model is qualified as the complex system serving for the informing of stakeholders. 

The plan of respective sectors involvement has been developed, presented to stakeholders and approved. 

Stakeholders were asked to send their comments and recommendations to Regional office representatives till 15. 5. 2017 at the latest, these will be discussed and then approved by the Regional Council in the meeting on 17. 6. 2017.

Stakeholders are just working on the division of activities and responsibilities in O.S.S. framework, provision of services and indicators. The separated interviews with stakeholders will be arranged in autumn.