Import Workshop preparation

The main topics of the planned Import Workshop were discussed and clarified with stakeholders, i.e. presentation of the model of O.S.S. by representatives from Birmingham. The stakeholders will prepare the questions relating to the operation of the O.S.S. especially on partnership establishment, services provision, coordination of partners in the framework of O.S.S., contracting, budgeting of O.S.S., indicators definition and establishment, support of ICT, areas of activities, tasks of O.S.S.. The transfer of experience from Birmingham was approved as crucial, transfer from Thessaloniki and Barcelona contributing. The Import Workshop is planned to be organised at the beginning of April, the exact date will be stated immediately after the confirmation of invited experts.

Action plan development

Following the check of the template of the Action Plan the possible content was discussed by participants. The work on the Plan is planned to start in spring 2018.