The main topics discussed at the meeting were the following:

1.The good practice of InvestitionsBank was presented to the LSG members, following the participation of ANATOLIKI to the Study visit in Magdeburg (may 2017)

2. The next study visits -as agreed during the PMG3 in Magdeburg- were presented, inviting local stakeholders to show interest in participating.

3. The Action plan template was introduced to local stakeholders along with an example on how to fill it in. Discussion was made on the details and on the type of actions to be included.

4. The Representative of the Managing Authority of the Policy Instrument chosen participated in the whole meeting and also presented the implementation step in which the ROP of Central Macedonia is at the moment. Mr Kostaras explained to which extend can PURE COSMOS influence the policy instrument and at what time the ROP will be “open” to modification.

The action points agreed were:

1.local stakeholders will show interest by e-mail for the forthcoming study visit in Birmingham in September

2. ANATOLIKI will discuss with specific Stakeholders relevant good practices that would be of their interest to visit during the next PURE COSMOS semester

3.Till September 2017 stakeholders, especially from Business Associations or SMEs will have to send ideas for supportive mechanisms to be included in our Action Plan. First discussion will begin!

4.Anatoliki will be in touch with Mr Kostaras for any calls that we will be launched in the end of 2017-beginning 2018.

5. Next LSG meeting will be organised by ANATOLIKI in December 2017. Stakeholders should be ready to provide some ideas on actions that should be included in the Action Plan. Moreover, organisational issues for the Second Study Visit in Thessaloniki in Jan 2018, will be discussed.