The 8th meeting of the Regional stakeholders group in the Ústí Region informed stakeholders on the progress of the project; preparation of the IT tool for O.S.S. support and the ongoing cooperation with the regional institutions:

Ústí Region:

The programme for starting entrepreneurs in the Ústí Region in the year 2018 is ongoing, 117 applications received, 45 applications will be granted.

The participation of regional companies in fairs is supported, together with the support of cooperation among educational institutions and companies.

Regional Economy Chamber:

Project Stop executions – training of employers and their employees focused on problems of executions.

Trainings for employees older than 50 years

Information on the project Study visit held in the Ústí Region in May

Innovation centre:

incubator for involved companies is working, new project Foodies go (incubator for firms working in food industry), innovation vouchers. The programme for consultants supporting the development of the companies is planned to be launched in autumn, the expected number of involved companies is 5 – 7.

Stakeholders were informed on the preparation of the Action Plan and its main issues, focus on IT tool. The stakeholders will be contacted to contribute and comment the Action Plan in the forthcoming months and to prepare theirs inputs, especially; description of services provided, ideas for new services, budgets sharing, one stop shop organisational issues.