The Import Workshop of the Municipality of Florence took place on 10th October 2018 at the Teatro dell'Opera, venue of the Economic Development department.

Representatives of the Municipality of Florence, Chambers of Commerce and Tuscany Region illustrated: 

  • the state of play of the project in its crucial transition from a phase of mutual learning among Partners to a phase of implementation of a Regional Action Plan 
  • the definition of Florence's RAP
  • the strategic role of the One Stop Shop model at Regional level
  • the role of third subjects in the OSS

Experts from Pure Cosmos Partner, Government of Catalonia, gave essential and illuminating contributions through their respective presentations on:

  • One Stop Shop model - covering all the procedures and services to support business lifecycle and unified services encompassing public administration 
  • Digital by default model – the use of digital planning tools by public authorities to enable greater interaction of SMEs and citizens in design and build of new planning developments, boosting business supply chain growth opportunities and better insights and transparency of city development.