On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, regional stakeholders of the PURE COSMOS project in Saxony-Anhalt came together for the eighth time to be updated on project news, to provide input for the regional plan, and to discuss current developments. The Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt (Development Bank Saxony-Anhalt) invited representatives from the managing authority, the policy owners, the regional chambers of industry and commerce, from regional communities and regional companies.
As the first topic of the day, the final draft of the Regional Action Plan was introduced and an overview over all 6 proposed actions comprised of 45 single measures was provided. The Regional Action Plan will now have to be finalized in close cooperation with the policy owners and the managing authority while also adding final touches from the project partnership’s side. The date for final approval is currently set to be in late November or early December 2018.
Next, plans for the upcoming Regional Conference were presented to the stakeholder group. Ideas, objectives, and potential participants were discussed and next steps agreed upon.
Finally, to wrap up the meeting, it was established that the stakeholder group will stay active even beyond the end of the concept phase in March 2019 and that it will change its focus from developing regional plans over to monitoring their implementation and exchanging feedback. The next meeting of the regional stakeholder group is expected to take place in March 2019.