Assisted by the experts Hajdú-Bihar County Government would like to improve the communication between SMEs and regional/national public authorities/reaching target group; the digital skills of business actors, the rate of ICT tools applied/used by SMEs and widening the scope of e-government/improving digital services.

They are looking for the answers to the following questions:

  • How to contact our target audience: SMEs; what kind of targeted channels/methods are used to efficiently reach them
  • How to improve the efficiency of information flows between SMEs and public authorities (e.g. through the smart use of ICT)
  • How to strengthen the publicity of available digital solutions for SMEs; how to promote the everyday use of digital opportunities;
  • How to increase the ability/willingness/skills of business actors to interact electronically - how to increase the opportunity for SMEs to participate in international/global digital supply chains; how to integrate them in international value chains
  • What new innovative solutions/processes/methodologies could be applied when formulating /enlarging e-government services.