The topic of the meeting was "Access to credit and other opportunities for SMEs" and tt was divided into 3 sections:

1. Public funds and access to credit

The role of the Regional budget to support SMEs in the access to credit L. Petretto, Fidi Toscana

The Regional funds for innovation Giampà and Brogi - Regione Toscana

The Microcredit for SMEs, F. Di Giuseppe - PerMicro SpA

2. Crowd-funding and private investors

The Crowdfunding, A. Mattei – PlanBee

A crowdfunding campaign - G. Giusti, A. Korey, Flod

The role of a Business Angel, Stefano Guidantoni - LdV2.0

Confindustria and startup, Davide Rogai, Confindustria Toscana

Alternative sources to finance SMEs, G. Tommei, SICI

The services of the University Incubator of Florence, Prof. Arnone - CsaVRI

3. Opportunities in Europe

The Enterprise Europe Network service and the SME Instrument, M. Traversi – Eurosportello


Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, F. Serra - Euroteam progetti - L. Tettamanti Promofirenze