ANATOLIKI SA Development Agency will host the second project study visit which will take place on 21-22 March 2017 in Thessaloniki.

The topic of the Study visit will be: “Incubators and Entrepreneurship Support Structures”

During the Study Visit, the delegates from other partners will have the chance to visit “OK-THESS pre-incubator” registered as good Practice 1 in the Pure Cosmos Good Practice Register and Ergani Center registered as “So New (SOcial EntrepreNEurship noW)” Good Practice 17.

The visit to both Good Practices provides knowledge on how young or older entrepreneurs are offered consultation, support and services in order to start-up and operate.

The Study Visit program also includes visits to other incubators and discussions/round tables with entrepreneurs.

The participation is open to PURE COSMOS partners and their interested local stakeholders.