ANATOLIKI SA presented the progress of PURE COSMOS project, the PEER REVIEWS already organised by other partners and the two study visits (Florence and Thessaloniki). ANATOLIKI discussed with the Stakeholders the suggestions of the PEERs.

Mr Menos, director of the Point of Single Service for Entrepreneurs (municipality of Thessaloniki), presented his experience by his participation in Florence Study Visit on the topic of Regional One Stop Shop. He explained to Local Greek Stakeholders the different Florentine Public Services that presented their competences and responsibilities during Florence Study Visit. He also compared the Florentine OSS to the Greek one and commented on different structures, back- and front office procedures etc

Mr. Sarigiannis general director of ANATOLIKI SA, wanting to energise local authorities, presented all Good Practices registered and invited them to express their interest in expressing their opinions and their initial interest to visit the correspondent country.

Mr. Sarigiannis proposed a deadline on 5th of May for Stakeholders to express interest on new updated Good Practice Register.