During the PEER REVIEW in Central Macedonia the host would like to focus on three themes:

1. Development of local entrepreneurship Support Centers (hubs) and digital applications (indicative actions: information, training, better communication between the Support Centers and the SMEs, support start-up, e-payment, e-mall, SMEs mapping, incubators etc) .

2. Development of applications and skills of SMEs in order they have access to the procurements’/supplies’ information system (in local, national or European level). Applications development for easier monitoring of a company’s obligations, for e-payment platforms and for information on institutional framework changes.

3. Creation and support of Private Sector Hubs IT intensive, that offer their services for the support of other SMEs. These companies can outsource their services to other existing enterprises or start-ups.

They would like the following questions to be answered:

-What information do SMEs need and how can they get it easier?

-How the SMEs information and access to procurements can be improved? There are many digital tools in Greece, that give information on procurements, but it is maybe difficult for an entrepreneur to search all engines, all platforms to find a procurement that suits his business activity. This means that a capable business may not be competitive, because it doesn’t have easy access to information.

- What is the best way to provide SMEs with the support they need?

- How can older businessmen, not much familiar with digital tools, get information?

- How young people in business creation be supported?

- How the existing Support Centers can be developed?