The City of Florence organizes a seminar entitled “INNOVATION AND COMPETITIVENESS OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES IN THE FLORENTIN CONTEXT: ANALYSIS OF DATA” on 14 June 2017 (Wednesday) at 2.30 pm at the SAGAS Dept. of the University of Florence - Palazzo Fenzi, Aula Magna in via san Gallo, 10.

The seminar will present the results of a questionnaire given to small and medium-sized companies last winter, in the framework of Interreg Europe projects - PURE COSMOS and SPEED UP - to analyse Florentine entrepreneurial reality and highlight their needs and shortcomings in the relationship with the Public Administration. In the discussion that follows, the organiser hopes that the stakeholder's point of view will emerge, on the difficulties of companies in enhancing their competitiveness and their expectations of improvement towards P.A.  

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